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Mom, I Love You!

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Mothers have always been a source, a reservoir, and a never-ending ocean of love. She is a shoulder you can always ask for when in pain. A mother’s love has no boundaries. No matter how old a mother gets, her feelings for her children stay the same. They say kids who have the privilege to spend a large portion of their life with mothers are not only blessed, but they tend to become more efficient, caring, and respectful towards others. Life is indeed a roller coaster, where good and bad times follow each other.

A person you would always find standing beside is a mother. Unconditional love is what they have to offer. A daughter has always been a mother’s best friend. There is nothing that can repay what a mother does for her family and kids, but at least one can make sure that they try to keep her happy. There are many ways that children, especially a daughter, can follow to bring a smile to their mother’s face. Let us discuss a few of them:

Tell her more often

Mothers are as soft as cotton and as hard as steel simultaneously. It is the need of the situation that makes her put up the role. While they can be strict like a diplomat, she would also forgive you for the biggest mistake ever. She might not look for an expensive present always, telling her that She is the best in every field would make her rest of the day sparkle. Those might be a few simple words for you as a daughter, but they might be the strongest ones for her.

Cook for her

Nothing can beat the taste of even a simple food prepared by a mother, but treating her with home-cooked food you have prepared would make her feel special. Mothers cook each day, once a week. Cooking for her is not a big thing to ask for. No matter how simple the food is, she would love the idea of being treated like a queen for sure.


For kids, birthdays always remain the most special day of the year. And mothers make sure they make it extra special by planning different surprises for each other. How about planning a surprise for her? The surprise can be as simple as inviting her friends over for a house party or arranging a family dinner in a family-friendly place outside. The idea is to make her feel special on her special day and that she is entirely unaware of any such plans.


Mothers have always been keeping their desires to themselves because, for them, it’s their kids who should have everything they desire. Taking her out shopping is an excellent idea to let her know how much you care for her. Buying her the clothes of her choice will give her a sense of love being shared with her from her family. Buying a mother-daughter matching outfit is another beautiful idea that would make her feel your involvement as a daughter in the relationship.

Plan a vacation

A mother is on 24-hour duty and hardly gets time for herself. Though she never complains but a break always works as a stress buster for everyone. Planning a weekend break to a nearby place or a place of your mothers’ choice is always a good idea to make her feel on top of the world.

No wonder life is unpredictable but enjoying every bit of it is the least we can do to make it worthwhile. Family is one of the gifts that we have received as a blessing and ensuring that we respect each other is of utmost importance. A mother-daughter relation is known to be the most loved relation among all. In today’s fast-moving world, where it is essential to cope with the changing times, a mother must deal with their daughters in as a friendly manner as possible. This strengthens the trust between both of them and creates an environment where deceiving things and emotions don’t have a place at all.

While daughters can make sure they show their love for the mothers, mothers have an equal part to play in the relationship and make their daughter feel like a princess. Cooking her favorite food, taking her out for a walk, getting mom and me matching outfits for both for a special occasion like your daughter’s birthday, and telling her how special she is are some of the small things that can be done for a daughter. In the end, it’s love that plays a bigger picture. Expensive gifts may not be required; just a small gesture of love is enough for those who love you without any conditions. Unconditional love is indeed the best one you can ever get.

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