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Top 7 ways to surprise your loving sister on her birthday

Sisters are best buddies
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A relationship that has flavors of love along with fights, care along with jealousy, and affection along with rivalry is indeed one of the most loved relations a woman is lucky to have in her life. The bond that one share with her sister are the strongest among all other relationships. No matter how far they come up in the energy, the connection they have lasts forever. At times, lack of communication, misunderstandings, or even distance tends to bring a gap between the two, but it is always a good idea to stay connected with your sister to realize how important she is to you. Here are the top 7 ways that can be followed to surprise your sister on her birthday and make her feel special:

Mid-night celebration:

If you stay with your sister, the central celebration for her birthday would let her start her birthday with a feel of being valued. Arranging for a small cake (homemade would be the best) for cake cutting at night is the best to celebrate her special day. If you stay apart, arranging something online like a virtual family wish at sharp 12’oclock or sending a cake across to her place is also a good idea.

Throw a party:

Parties have always been a part of surprises. Arranging for a surprise party for your sister at home or her favorite café would undoubtedly bring a smile to her face. Adding a theme to the party or even arranging for a sister matching outfit to be worn at the party would add a charm to it. Inviting her friends over would make her even happier.


Girls and gifts are inseparable. While you would know what she would love to have as a gift for her birthday which can be something she has been looking to buy for since long or a handmade gift with a personalized message to tell her how much she means to you is the best idea you can follow to surprise your sister at her birthday. You can even gift a dress or siblings’ matching outfit for both of you.

Bake for her

A cake baked with love is something your sister would love. While you would know the flavor, she likes, learning from online tutorials or trying a new recipe yourself can be done. You can also plan to bake along with your sister and invite her to your place if you both live separately. They say baking with love adds extra sweetness to the cake. She would undoubtedly love all the efforts you would put in to make her feel special.

Cook together

No matter how bad you both are at cooking; the basic idea is to spend some quality time together. Make sure you plan to cook her favorite recipes. It’s her special day, and reminding her that she is remarkable is what you should focus on. Having the meal together after the cooking session would add a cherry to the cake for sure.

Recollect memories

Pull out all the old photographs you have with her, even the ones you have with the rest of the family members. Spending some quality time looking at the memories and reliving those golden moments would undoubtedly be special for her. After reliving those memories, inviting her over for a family dinner at her favorite restaurants would be even better. You can also send her a Big sis Lil sis matching pajamas to be worn at the dinner.

Take to shopping

Something that makes the girls go crazy is shopping. If you live nearby, take her along for shopping and pay for the bills. If it is not possible to go along, you can send the shopping vouchers that she can to purchase the stuff of her choice. Sending her gifts online would also surprise her and make her feel on top of the world.

Nothing beats the feeling that one gets when being valued by someone special. Your sister is not just someone you share your bed with, and she is certainly someone you can find besides you in all the ups and downs in your life. Life is too short to keep grudges and hatred and that too with someone you grew up with and spent each second together. Small things can make significant differences by just putting in little effort.

It’s the commitment that matters. Other things follow automatically. If something is holding you back from maintaining the love with your sister, cross that line today and hug her tightly. Make sure you follow these simple ideas to surprise her on her next birthday. She would realize how desperately you have been willing to get back the same love and affection you used to share with her and how much you are eager to get those days of your childhood back. Elder or younger, a sister is a friend, a motherly figure, and someone you can trust upon with closed eyes.




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