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Maternity Dresses for Baby Shower

Memories of the baby bump

Pregnancy is all about excitement, joy, and anticipation. Documenting all these changes in your body, relations and family is always a good idea to create memories. Time may fade, and so does the occasions and the events, but a Maternity photoshoot would ensure that you relive those moments every time you look at it.

Angles and posing

The would-be mother should be a subject of talk during all her pregnancy journey. She should be flattered, pampered, and made to feel special. However, every mother is different. The way every mother carries the baby or the bump may differ. And this is where the creativity props up to create a beautiful and cherishable Maternity baby and photoshoot.

Some of the ways the photoshoot can be carried out are:

Hands-on the belly

Mothers have an affection towards the unborn child as well, and it is very natural to touch the belly repeatedly. This can be used for creating a wonderful photo with creative ends of keeping the hands on the belly to reveal her love and affection. You can also mix it with keeping the hands in pockets, on hips, or entangled with the hair.

Up High

Along with the belly, the other body parts also get enlarged during pregnancy. Sometimes it makes the mother look lesser photogenic. But then capturing photos from a height can ensure that only the baby bump becomes prominent in the photo. There are ways and means to rise high by climbing on the stool or making the subject lie down on the quilt or so

Candid and natural

One can always have candid photographs where you are lazing around, or the food cravings, or simply laughing with friends and family. There are moments when you wonder and adore your unborn, and capturing such moments would be cherished for a lifetime by your kids.

So keep the Maternity baby shower as natural as you can and let the love for the child overflow in the photoshoot as well.

Couple bonding

The couples are truly in love when they have a child, and this transition period when they are going to enter parenthood is certainly going to bring lots of changes in their relationship and life. Through Maternity photography, they get one more chance to enhance the bonding between them. Let this closeness be the best cherishable memories for their future reference. Let them squeeze out the air in between them, and if the belly comes in between, all the better it is

Straight on

The explicit photographs always allow the mothers to flaunt their baby bump. What she wears will surely have an impact on how the baby bump looks. But the mother would be more than happy to reveal its bump to the world to introduce her little one to the world. Keep some poses and angles reserved for such pictures that flaunt the mother’s bump.

Standing vs. Sitting

Standing always has the upper hand in a Maternity pic as it glorifies the baby bump. But relaxed, and cozy poses are preferred too. Of course, sitting positions portray the relaxing signs. The mothers can always pop a hip or bend a knee. While the pictures are clicked with the spouse or family members, then sitting positions give better results. Try out different angles and poses and the creative mind of the professional photographer gives out the best results.


Maternity photoshoots are perfect when you can play with angles, color, and composition. It brings out the most overwhelming poses and creativity in two adults as they are capable of following directions. The latest trend these days is clicking only the belly bump, excluding the faces. So one can experiment as much as they want as per their taste and hobbies.


Emotions play a vital role in all kinds of photography and Maternity photographs are no exception. When the couple thinks about the excitement, happiness, and joy of the newborns and gets displayed in the pictures, it brings out the most wonderous photographs. Some mothers already glow due to pregnancy hormones, and when the love for the baby pours out of the heart on the face and body language, it creates a beautiful piece of work.


Choosing a location is one big deal while performing the photoshoot. The Pregnancy photoshoot can be carried out anywhere, including outdoors, urban, and at home. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the mother should be comfortable. Advantage of the sun for gorgeous backlighting or downtown with bright colors, adding fun, lifestyle type or more natural can bring out better pictures.

The other factors that may be considered are wardrobe, selfies, and props to be used. The best time for a Maternity photography is between 28 to 36 weeks as the baby bump is visibly seen. Also, the mother’s comfort should be given priority in all the programs. Family involvement adds icing to the cake.






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