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Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy Week by Week
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Pregnancy is an incredible emotion. Everybody desires to feel the unique feeling of becoming a parent. When a woman is pregnant, so many changes are seen, which are physical and mental. A woman gives beginning to new life. She brings up a baby and makes him become a man. All the physical and psychological development takes place during this phase.

Even this phase is exceptional not only for the woman becoming a mother but also for the father and, of course, for the family. New changes take place in the atmosphere of the family. The whole atmosphere of the family feels joyous. Let’s snatch a glimpse at pregnancy week by week


Pregnancy is being divided into three trimesters

  1. The first trimester begins from week one and stops on week 12
  2. The second trimester starts from week 13 and stops during week 26
  3. The third trimester starts from week 27 till the stop of the pregnancy. 

First week

The first week is the menstrual period. The first week is counted from day 1 of the last period. Therefore this week is also calculated in the 40-week pregnancy, even though the baby has not yet been conceived. 

Second week

At the end of this week, fertilization takes place.

Third week

During the third week, the zygote that has shaped migrates from the fallopian tube to the uterus. The zygote is now recognized as the blastocyst as it has distributed and is on the endometrial wall.

Fourth week

Now the developing baby is very tiny. But the shortly separating cells are in the procedure of establishing numerous organ systems.

Fifth week

The neural duct configurations into the central nervous system, that is, the brain and spinal cord.

Sixth week

Now the zygote can be known as an embryo. The length is 3 mm. Till this time, it secretes a hormone before getting menstrual periods.

Seventh week

The heart of the baby starts to beat, and the embryo develops the placenta and amniotic sac.

Eighth week

The embryo becomes 1.3 cm in length

Ninth week

Eyes, mouth, and tongue get formed. The liver of the embryo develops the blood cells.

Tenth week

The embryo becomes into the fetus and is about 2.5 I’m in length. All organs in the body get formed. The brain receives brain waves. The hands and feet start developing fingers and toes. 

Eleventh week

Tiny hearts beat further. Also, teeth start to develop.

Twelfth week

Fingers and toes are still recognized but are still stuck. A screening test in the first trimester is conducted and examined for trisomy 21 and trisomy 18.

Thirteenth week

The fetus develops to more than 7cm in length. 

Fourteenth week

Baby can cry and suck his thumb. Fingers and toes start getting nails grown. 

Sixteenth week

The fetus develops to 16cms. Eyelashes are already fused. Maternal serum screening is done here; if a checkup during the first was not necessary, then now can be done.

Week 18-20

A CT scan is done this week, and also any functional abnormalities are being checked. 

Week 20 

The fetus is 21cm. Now ears are developing, and lines on hands also start to develop. 

Week 24

The fetus becomes 33cm in size. Eyelids get separated into upper and lower. Skin gets covered with soft hair. 

Week 28

The baby now weighs 1kg and measures 25cm. Total The total toe length is 37 cm. 

Week 32

Baby now sends right. What is the right time? 

Week 36 to 40

The baby becomes 46 cm in return. Baby us ready to give birth upon. In week 40, the baby becomes an integral part of the mother. The baby is finally delivered.


In conclusion, we can say that pregnancy is an integral part of the journey of a woman. It lets the female form into a mother during the birth of children. Not only the mother but the father also goes through an integral part. The pregnancy in total is divided into three trimesters. The first and the last trimester play an important role. Every new week new changes take place. In total, there are forty weeks. From week one to week forty, the baby is formed from the zygote to a full-grown baby. 




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