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Ideas for Couple Matching Tattoos: Beyond the Classic “Yin and Yang”

What are good matching tattoos for couples? A few of the great matching couple tattoos are quotes, Lover and Kiss, matching design, wolf, Snake and Squash, Yin and Yang, etc. Tattoos for couples have become a trend nowadays and couples prefer wearing matching tees along with these matching tattoos. When two souls love each other, they grow to get more closer by heart and feelings as time passes. Couple tattoos give an additional special connection for the loving pair even more.


Some couples have matching tattoos, which means that they love each other very much. In some instances, however, the tattoos represent something more. For example, a couple that loves nature would have something akin to the Yin and Yang tattoo. This tattoo represents the couple and their love for nature. In addition, it can also represent the yin and yang of two very different people. Also, tattoos for couples usually have a special meaning. It is possible that they represent a good or bad thing in their relationship. For example, it could symbolize how the couple cares for each other or the challenge they are facing as a couple. Another one that is popular for couples is the sun and moon design. It symbolizes the sun and moon together as one and the love they have for each other.

What are some good matching tattoos for couples?

Tattoo maker Gio Sangiuliano answered the questions about matching tattoos. Sangiuliano said that there are plenty of examples of matching tattoos to choose from. For example, twin tattoos are a great example of matching tattoos for couples. Twin pairs were thought to be connected to one’s soul and subconsciousness. When twin pairs have matching tattoos, they become one with each other, allowing them to feel that they are one with each other and the tattoo they are both wearing. Monograms are another good example of matching tattoos for couples. Gio described a “control number” tattoo as one of the best examples of matching tattoos for couples.

The classic “Yin and Yang”

One of the most famous matching couple tattoos is the Yin and Yang tattoo. Yin and Yang is a Chinese tradition where one represents Yin and the other Yang. It is also very popular in western culture as well. You can get a Yin and Yang tattoo if you want to match your twin flame very close. It is perfect if you are two very different people and it can be a couple tattoo for you and your lover if you are in a long-term relationship. The Yin and Yang tattoo symbolizes your partner being two different people. The symbols in Yin and Yang represent that the Yin represents your good side and the Yang is your bad side. The Yin side is the good side and the Yang side is the bad side, which brings balance to your relationship.

How to find good matching tattoos for couples?

These tattoos could only be added to the couple’s regular tats. If you have many tattoos then it is always a good idea to get matching tattoos in order to show how close your relationship is. Get matching tattoos by getting matching designs that go well together. Wear matching tattoos If you get matching tattoos, then you can also wear matching tattoos. It will make your relationship even stronger. These tattoos will be placed on your inner arms or even in other places. It’s a great idea to have tattoos that represent your relationship. The most popular pairing of tattoos that people get is a heart with a cross. If you choose a heart tattoo, then it has a special meaning to symbolize that you are in love with your partner. It will be placed on the inside of your wrist.

You have to find a good tattoo artist. The artist will spend a lot of time creating your matching tattoo design. The tattoo artist needs to think of what will make you feel best. Make sure that your new tattoo artist will bring original ideas and designs that will make your ink very unique. You can also request matching tattoo designs that would be best for you and your partner. The best matching couple tattoos are done by artists that are talented and take their job very seriously.

Ideas for couple matching tattoo ideas: Yin and Yang Tattoos

Sometimes two sides of a coin have two different meanings. This tattoo design is great for couples that love nature. Yin and Yang mean the same but with different meanings. The idea is to balance each other out and make each other stronger.

Tips for picking the right tattoo

Before selecting a tattoo, a person has to do some research. Finding the perfect tattoo design is an art in itself. Someone might find that perfect tattoo design on their own, by searching for tattoos in the internet. There are different ways to search for tattoo designs. For instance, look at tattoo designs on Pinterest, find pictures of tattoos in magazines, or just take the help of friends for help. People usually consult friends for the tattoo design before they proceed. A good search engine for searching designs is in fact Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual website with an objective to promote ideas, art, and fashion. On this website, people can post designs, pictures, and ideas for other people to follow.

Unique ideas for couple matching tattoos

  1. Sun and Moon
  2. Dog and Leash
  3. Yin and Yang
  4. Team Colors
  5. Ingot and Knot
  6. Nuptial Wedding Rings
  7. Triangle of Life
  8. Sun and Altar
  9. Monogram and Vow
  10. Crossed Axes
  11. Monogram and Knuckle
  12. Wolf and Child
  13. Timer and Kiss
  14. Shrines and Swarovski Crystals
  15. True Love, 1st Anniversary
  16. Symbol of Love, 3rd Anniversary
  17. Tattoo with Marriage Ring
  18. Love Power and Speed
  19. Speed of Light and Love
  20. Lock and Key
  21. Wicked Yin and Yang
  22. Wolf and Wolf Head
  23. Wolf in the Wood
  24. Sun and Moon
  25. Power of Creation and Space
  26. Yin and Yang + Cypress Tree
  27. Setting Sun + Moon
  28. Power of Love and Gender
  29. Snake and Squash
  30. Sun and Alpha Centaur
  31. Scorpio and Centaur
  32. Wolf and Head
  33. Timer + Kiss


While you may be faced with some difficulties, most couples will definitely do something special for their loved ones. Not all couples have the budget to have matching tattoos every time. Other couples may want to go for something very different for matching tattoos. All in all, couples that really love each other, will make sure that they give it a try in matching tattoo ideas. Get your matching tattoo designs here!




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