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Maternity Fashion: The Latest Maternity Wear Trend You Should Know

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What Are Maternity Fashion Trends?

A new fashion trend hits us every so often that dominates the pecking order of what is fashionable. And this has its ebbs and flows, whether it’s driven by celebrity endorsements, or by high street competition. 

In the previous fashion fad of orange nail varnish or paisley printed coats, women took to Instagram to document their obsession. And we even have a Beyoncé and a Kim Kardashian for goodness sake. 

However, that doesn’t always translate into maternity fashion and sometimes a maternity trend simply means a little bit of fun. When a tiny baby is born and you’re given the duty to decorate a tiny baby bump, what do you do? You have the opportunity to decorate your belly and wear clothes that flatter it.

Which Style Is Right For You?

Maternity fashion options come in all sizes, shapes, and trends. Here are some style trends for maternity clothing. 

Skirts with so many variations to pick from, skirts are the way to go for maternity fashion. Whether you choose to show off your bump or cover-up, the options are numerous.

Pair a floral or boldly patterned skirt with a solid color blouse for a chic and flattering look.  Skirts are a great choice for getting around because they’re shorter. Skirts come in all styles including jeggings, tunics, and maxi skirts.

If you are looking for a long skirt, look for one with a long tie or wide belt.  Rompers are the latest style for all new moms. This season, mom can rock the newest mommy style, the romper.

Some Ideas To Help You Dress Your Shape

Lined, the right lining can really enhance the shape of your hips. If your hips are narrow, we would suggest wearing a more fitted bodysuit that has a higher hip line. This will help give shape to your hips.

In addition, avoid anything with an open collar that will give the impression that your waist is wider than it is.  A shoulder strap or crisscross panel will not only draw the eye to your upper body but also prevent you from over-eating. 

Covering the top of your body  If you like to show off your curves, wear a bodysuit that is more fitted than the normal bodysuit you would wear outside. Always remember that any material that has a decorative print will only accentuate the pregnant figure and not flatter it.

How To Look Trendy And Modern In Your Maternity Clothes

When it comes to maternity wear, you have a limited amount of options to pick from. Whether it’s choosing from solid colors or in-depth prints or a variety of silhouettes and sizes, you usually have limited choices. Even when you don’t have too many options, it can still be difficult to find fashionable maternity clothes that you can live in during your entire pregnancy and still look stylish.

A lot of fashion items tend to exclude pregnant women or have excessive padding which makes it difficult to put them on, so it’s great to hear that the latest maternity wear trend is now back in fashion. 

The ultimate accessory is a head-to-toe headband!  These crescent moon-shaped headbands are the ultimate accessory when it comes to maternity wear.

Pregnancy and Fashion Tips

Most women look forward to embracing a maternity style. These are the latest trends you need to know about.  Skinny Jumpsuit  Don’t bother with your best body-hugging jumpsuit. There are a million other fashionable pairs of jumpsuits available.

Instead of the dreaded pantaloons, the latest fashion trend is to just wear a little black dress. The jumpsuit adds a sexy touch to an otherwise bland outfit.  Baggy Baggy Baggy  It doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 18, the trend is to go baggy. This saves you from getting to feel too uncomfortable in your own skin and makes you look very attractive. 

Mini Maternity Dresses, instead of throwing away your favorite mini dresses, why not try making them even bigger. This allows your body to be supported as you go to fit in a few more weeks.


While some fashions are simply comfortable, there is nothing quite as comfy as maternity fashion. While you may have had to forgo the latest trends in the fashion world, the same goes for maternity styles.  You can ensure that you look great during this time in your life by making the right choices when shopping for new styles.  By selecting stylish maternity wear, you will be able to look your best no matter where you are. 




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