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Matching Outfits for Siblings: Keeping it Simple with these Stylish Ideas

Matching Outfits for Siblings
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Get ready to make twinning look like the only way to go this summer! Get your own Sisters Matching Outfits and you’ll be the coolest kid on the block. From floral to stripes, to polka dots, there’s something for everyone!

The Best Outfit Ideas

Gather these easy outfits to make dressing up your little ones easier than ever.

1. Polka Dot Lady

Pair a floral print top or mini skirt with polka dot print leggings for a cute girly look. This set would be a hit with girls ages five and up.

Dress with skirt: Disney printed tops, $8.99; Disney printed tanks, $4.49 each; Disney printed leggings, $7.99

2. Baby Girl Floral

Nautical stripes and a floral print are adorable summer look for girls this age. Pair a lightweight floral skirt with a striped t-shirt or shirt, and add a button-down for a modern look.

Top with skirt: Camisole, $9.99; Dress, $10.99

3. Girls’ Stripes & Floral

Dress in a ruffled skirt with a casual button-up top for a fun, sunny, and breezy look. Girls aged six and up will enjoy this look.

Twinning Made Easy

You already own more than enough twinning outfits for the summer to fill a bin so don’t even think about buying new ones. Just shop ours and you’ll never need to do that again.

1. Not So Twinster-Shy Twins in Stripes!

2. Polka Dot Twins!

3. You are Spinning!

You can take your and your sister’s summer fashion game to the next level by matching your polka dot tees, tanks, and dresses this summer.

4. Pear Shaped Twins!

The ultimate summer outfit! Remember that one time when you rocked matching striped jeans with your sister? You’re welcome.

5. Very Twin!

An adorable round and brown striped t-shirt is the perfect base layer to have an equally adorable matching striped mini skirt.

Important Details to Consider When Choosing Outfits

Take your time and select outfits that don’t clash with your sibling’s personal style.

Pick outfits that are color-coordinated and share the same material such as fabric or color or style.

Choose prints and patterns that complement your sibling’s own style

Keep both outfits within a similar price range

Avoid identical colors (i.e. red and black) because the same pattern will clash.

Mixing the Patterns

Mixing patterns and colors may seem like an odd match, but you can make it work! In fact, in many cases, the textures of the patterns can be more of a focal point than the colors themselves.

Try this pattern out on a summer dress. The floral print is perfect for the summer heat and the polka dots pair nicely with the floral pattern for a fun and colorful effect.

You can also pair the patterned t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts and of course the floral skirt.

Flower Power

The contrast between the dots and the stripes is hard to miss! The floral print pattern gives it a bold look while the stripes give it an edge.

Matching Colors

Stock up on floral, polka dot, stripes, and floral patterns. For occasions that call for coordinating, like graduation parties, these matching options will get you and your sibling (or roommate!) noticed.

Pair colors that complement your eyes, face, and body. When it comes to matching your face, you want to match your face to your outfit. We all know the struggle of picking a coordinating pattern for a dress and being disappointed with the result. Make sure the pattern works with your face shape and you’ll have a flattering style! Also, avoid matchy-matchy prints, like stripes, just for the sake of matching. Choose 2 to 3 colors that work well together.

What To Do With The Rest of Your Closet

Add to the matching game endless color, print, and patterns. You’ll be sharing the clothes all day and having the time of your life with your mini-me. To keep these looks going into the fall, look for patterns, colors, and prints that you’ll still be able to wear.

Have some ideas to keep the look going? Let us know!






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