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How to Have a Babymoon: Tips and Ideas for the Last Pregnancy-Free Vacation

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Have you ever heard of a babymoon? Babymoon basically is – you need to have vacation time before your delivery so that you can calm yourself and have a gala time with your spouse.

Why do you need a babymoon?

Everyone deserves a day of relaxation and joy; many couples are so busy that they don’t have a lot of time left for a relaxing vacation before the birth of their child. So, this babymoon is for the couple who needs to retain the fun of their married life. Babymoons can also be a luxurious time for couples to pamper themselves and take some much-needed time off.

What to do during your babymoon

1. Have fun: If you’re stressed and worried about the delivery day, just have fun. Remember that the day your child is born is just the day for your delivery, not your delivery day. Enjoy the moment, the company, and the excitement of a new family is waiting for you. This will go a long way to lessen your stress.

2. Take a Road Trip: Go with your husband or partner for a long drive. It could be the ride to your favorite destination, ride to the first meeting place with your partner, place where he proposed you, etc.

3. Order Room Service: Make it romantic & relaxing for both of you. Order your’ favorite food & spend some gala time with your partner.

4. Make a video: Make a video of how your pregnant tummy is doing and upload it on YouTube. The video can come in handy for your children.

When to take the babymoon

2nd Trimester – Yes it is the best time to go on Babymoon. It is the best time to get pampered for both of you as a couple.

Doing this would take a lot of stress away from you, and you’ll have a more relaxed attitude towards the baby. You might not even believe that you’re even pregnant, and this might keep you awake at night.

There are also the new mothers who give birth while on their trip, and they can’t enjoy it. They have to keep a close eye on their baby, and this would stress them out even more. It would be good if you would start planning your babymoon while you are still in your first trimester.

Who should go on the babymoon

Before you have your baby, you should go on a babymoon if you haven’t already. You can go on a romantic trip or go on a simple vacation. Before your delivery day, you want to rest so that you can adjust yourself well. Don’t travel without taking the doctor’s advice. You can also go with your friends or family members so that you can bond with them.

Babymoon Ideas

You will have fun just like you did when you had a honeymoon. During a babymoon, you will feel better than ever because you are relaxed & know each other very well. A babymoon is an opportunity to bond with your spouse before your delivery day.

If you’re planning to go on a babymoon, you can’t miss these tips and ideas to have the best time.

Before you go

You need to feel confident and ready to go. You need to have a happy and positive mind.

Don’t get anxious too much.

Last but most important: Take your gynecologist’s advice to travel.

Make a list of your Vitamins & necessary medication with you.

Hire a babymoon planner

This is one of the most recommended ways by which you can make your babymoon trip a memorable one. It will allow you to set off with your spouse for a relaxing trip to a far-off place, without bothering your daily routine.

Visit a family-friendly resort

If you are planning to go on a babymoon with your spouse, then you should choose a place that offers special services for pregnant women.

Special Maternity Dress for Your Babymoon

Buy a babymoon special maternity dress for yourself and a matching tee or another outfit for your husband. Take nice pictures, share them on social media, and frame one of the pictures that will remind you of this wonderful life for the rest of your life.


Having a baby can be an amazing experience. There are certain ways by which you can make it the best experience.

If you want to get pregnant soon, then having a babymoon is recommended by many. These babymoon tips can help you and your spouse to relax during this time. So, go ahead and enjoy your babymoon with your spouse.






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