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Epidural in Pregnancy Reviews

Epidural Side Effects
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The most beautiful things and moments in life cost huge! Motherhood is one among them.
It’s not easy to become a mother. It takes all the pain throughout those nine hard months and
at the period of delivery, too. With so many advancements in medicine and technology, many
people suggest the use of Epidural during labour. Epidural is a key to relieve the mother from
pain. It makes her feel no or less pain during the delivery. The intensity of the pain
experienced by the mother can significantly be reduced upon the usage of an epidural. 

What exactly is an Epidural?

An epidural plays a significant role in ease up your labour pain. It blocks the nerve signals
that transmit pain from the spine. During your labour, this is placed around the spinal cord
with the help of a catheter. This is injected during the delivery, and it starts functioning.
Epidural starts its medication and makes the mother feel numb. It’s all your decision and
comfort to choose the use of epidural. But before you accept or reject the use, know more
about it now. Scroll down! 
Many mothers have always wanted to give birth drug-free. But some situations and
complications worsen up the pain and the mental agility. Having heard and read about the
experiences of many mothers who used epidurals, we are presenting you the advantages and
disadvantages of using an Epidural. 

What are the advantages of using an Epidural?

Let’s glance through the advantages and benefits of using an epidural during the time of

Lessens the pain

Epidural functions on the basic principle; it blocks the pain transmitting nerve signals to the
brain. This is a time-efficient process too. Such that it hardly takes 20 minutes to lessen the
pain during childbirth. This acts quickly and brings down the pain of the mother during
delivery. During the worst of complications, the pain bearing capacity of the mother
automatically sinks. Epidural taken during such times help the mother to take enough rest for
pushing. It automatically energises the mother.

It helps to stay conscious through birth.

There are many cases where the mother becomes oblivious of what’s happening during the
birth of her child. Taking an epidural makes her more active during her labour. She can
participate without any discomfort or fear of pain. She can live the moment waiting to see her
little one. This is a lifelong memory that’s etched in her. It’s a myth, and you can’t push your
baby out if you have an epidural. You can push your baby and take part actively in the birth
of your child.

Aids to deal better with post-partum depression 

Mothers need to manage their pain. This doesn’t come all of a sudden. It should be planned
and discussed well with the right and concerned professional. Usage of an epidural eases pain
management and helps to deal better with post-partum depression. This is one better solution
that helps women reduce their pain pre-and post-labour. Many scientific studies have
established the fact, usage of an epidural lessens post- childbirth depression and pressure. 

A few limitations of Epidural 

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. But anything we choose must possess more
benefits to us and shouldn’t have dangerous limitations. Usage of epidural has a very few
disadvantages like,

Difficulty in Urinating

After giving birth, the numbness still prevails; only after it goes, the urinary bladder can be
emptied using a urine catheter. This takes quite a while. Only after the numbness is resolved
this can be done.

Mild irritation and stillness 

The introduction of epidural induces slight pain and irritation. Also, the mother should stay
still once it is placed. Nevertheless, once Epidural starts its medication, it gives off numbness
and makes women feel painless. 

Possibility of drop in blood pressure

Usage of epidural might lower the mother’s blood pressure. Blood flow rate and pressure are
being monitored throughout labour and childbirth. This ensures regular and proper blood and
oxygen flow to the baby. If the mother faces a drop in blood pressure, immediate medication
is provided, counteracted. 

Make a wise choice!

To all the mothers out there, having discussed the usage of epidural and the effects, consult
your physician about your labour and other health parameters and take epidural only if you
feel comfortable and safe.

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