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Creative Photography Props to get awesome Baby Portraits

Baby photography props
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How many times have you seen an impressive baby photograph and thought you could not do it … It is true that photographing a newborn or a baby is not easy, it requires kilos (not to mention tons) of patience, a lot of desire, a little of creativity, follow tips like these, avoid certain errors and have some accessories that facilitate the task, or rather, that make your photos more spectacular.

Today I’m going to show you some of these newborn photography props (also called “props”) so you can take notes and take ideas.

Crochet hammock

The fabric or crochet hammock is a very original resource that offers very interesting results when working with newborns. Here you have them for less than 10 euros.

I have no choice but to make a small paragraph and remind you that the important thing is not the photo, but the safety of the baby. There must always be an adult near the baby and the hammock must be very close to some soft surface (a mattress, puff …).


The puff is one of the most used accessories in photography studios because changing the blankets that you put on completely changes the photo. With the puff you can accommodate the baby in different positions and also the creature will be a comfortable sea.


There is no newborn session that boasts without a basket or at least it is what is fashionable. Baskets are of many shapes and types, you may have some at home, or more than one. If not, you can take a walk here or on the trail of your city. When you use tall baskets or cubes, you can put a weight inside so they do not tip over. As I said before, the safety of the baby is the most important thing.


The cubes are something similar to baskets. But look for vintage cubes, zinc … Do not go to use the plastic bucket to scrub!

The cubes, like the higher baskets, have another utility besides the decorative one, they also serve so that the bigger babies do not move too much or do not crawl as if they were in an Olympic race.

Funds and floors

I thought that people had beautiful houses, with wonderful walls and always with wooden floors. This gave me tremendous envy until thanks to a blog I discovered that this was not always the case, that many times they were decorated, a wooden carpet or a piece of the dais, a spectacular background fabric, and a wooden strip-like skirting … and voila! You already have perfect decoration. There are also funds that you can put as much as a wall or floor. This data will mark a before and after in your photographs.


If it’s a photo for you, maybe you can use a house photo. Now that if you want to go one step further and sell your work, do not go to take your blanket from the sofa full of balls and bundle the baby, because either you are a machine with the photo editor or the image will lose a lot. Not to mention that the baby can get the itch of death. Go, do not be a rat, and to wrap the newborn baby, get some blankets in conditions, from the real ones. In Fabhooks, you have a great variety.


The suitcases can give a lot of play and maybe you do not even have to buy them. Take a look through the storage rooms and attics of your family. The same until you have them at home as decoration. And if not, in addition to stores specializing in props for baby photography, you can pull decoration shops, second-hand or traces.


I love these types of photos. For them you can use handkerchiefs that you have for them, here the most complicated and important is the knot and be very careful with the baby, always remember that your safety and well-being are above any photograph. It’s about having a good memory, not trauma or traumatism for falling in the photoshoot.

To attract your attention

And to make it easier for you to work with a baby … (drum roll) tachán! A doll that fits into the camera! If you do not like this you have more models here. With newborns, it will not work, but with bigger babies almost certainly.

White noise

With newborns it is not about attracting their attention, but that they stay asleep for as long as possible, for this purpose it uses the so-called “white noise” which is nothing more than a constant noise such as the dryer, vacuum cleaner, or kitchen extractor. This also dampens the noises you can make around you. There are some very nice ones like the sound of the sea or the beating of the heart that will also bring you peace of mind. Available in free applications like this one.

Window of light

It is not always possible to have natural light and the flash is not recommended for newborns and babies, mainly because it bothers them. That is why a window of light similar to this can come to you very well. Although there are many types and sizes, find the one that fits you best.

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